Being a tour and holiday organizing company, we aim to cater to the needs and comfort of clients. Holidays are meant to be times of enjoyment and relaxation, and we always prioritize the happiness of our clients. Imperial Holidays was established upon years of experience in the travel business while being a joint effort of professionals working in the hospitality sector. 

We pride ourselves in being the locals of the Annapurna region, which has provided us adequate awareness of the locations and people of this area. Our staff includes dedicated professionals from various age groups that are well-educated and have strong work ethics. Moreover, they are all fluent in the English language, so there is no communication problem during inquiry or services.

We firmly believe that a quality working environment is needed for quality service. We ensure that all our team members are happy in their respective positions by paying them good salaries and providing them adequate incentives. Owing to our experience in the field, we have maintained good teamwork, which ultimately translates to better services for our clients.