Things to Know Before Traveling to Nepal

Visiting Nepal is a beautiful experience for anyone who ventures to explore this glorious Himalayan nation. Nepal’s appeal among travelers lies in its unique geographical location, natural marvels, and its people. For a foreigner visiting Nepal, it can also mean many things are entirely different from what they are used to. Below are some of the things that you would want to know before arriving in Nepal.

Social Etiquettes in Nepal

Nepalese society can seem unique and sometimes overwhelming for foreigners, especially those from western countries. The social etiquettes of Nepal are similar to those of India and the Indian subcontinent. First things first, you need to know about “namaste,” which is the standard way of greeting. When meeting someone new or after a long time, Nepalese people say “namaste” while placing their palms together in a prayer style.

As for forms of address, you should opt for using “dai” and “didi,” respectively, for men and women older than you. Elders are always treated with respect in Nepalese society, and older people are always prioritized, whether in bus seats, queues, or having food. Similarly, you should also know that wearing revealing clothing is also disfavored in Nepal. This is especially true for women, and female travelers should not wear shorts or bikinis. You should also refrain from public displays of affection as they are highly condemned in Nepalese society.

When entering a Nepali home, always remember to take off your shoes outside. It is never acceptable to wear shoes that have been worn on the street. While having dinner, it is customary to wash hands beforehand as Nepali dishes are mostly eaten with bare hands. However, most Nepali homes have spoons and forks as well.

Nepali Food

If you are coming to Nepal, then you need to familiarize yourself with the typical food called Dal Bhat. Essentially, it is made up of lentils and steamed rice, often served with cooked fresh vegetables and chutney. Nepalese cuisine is highly influenced by Indian food culture and, as such, can be spicy for foreigners. If you find it too spicy, just make sure to ask for toning down the spiciness while ordering the food items. You can easily find western and continental dishes in many restaurants in the cities. However, for a truly traditional taste of Nepal, head over to the local eateries and order some Dal Bhat.

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